Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I view a sample of your furniture before I commit to purchasing?

A: We will email you larger images if required, and also courier you Free timber finish samples. 9 times out of 10, this is all that is required. Don't forget to view the 'close ups' on the slideshows.


Q: How will my furniture arrive?

A: We will shrink-wrap the carcass and over wrap the top with tuffwrap. Our professional furniture carriers always blanket wrap your furniture all the way to your door. This will be transported in a specialized furniture truck. The driver will help lift your furniture into your home. We ask that you unwrap your new furniture before the carrier departs, to ensure it has arrived to you in the pristine condition it left in. In the unlikely event of a small carrier damage, we ask that you phone us immediately before the carrier leaves. We will then offer a solution.


Q: How long do I have to wait for my new furniture once I have ordered and paid my deposit?

A: Generally we allow 3 - 4 weeks for manufacturing and up to a week for delivery, however this timeframe can vary depending on our carrying company, location of delivery and workload at any given time.


Q: What is the difference between the Ash timber and the Beech timber when they are polished?

A The Ash Timber (American Hardwood) has a very figurative grain pattern, similar to Oak. The porous Grain generally appears darker than the rest of the grain when polished which creates the contrast you see on a lighter finish / stain. The Beech (Southland Beech) has a very subtle Grain and appears more consistent when polished.

Q: Will I need to protect the finish on my new furniture with anything?

A: No, it is not necessary, so long as you read the care instructions we send with your new furniture, you will be fine. You could get glass cut to fit the top of your furniture if you wish, this is recommended but it is not needed. With any 4 piece suite ordered, we will supply you with a micro-fiber cloth for keeping the surface clean and dusted.


Q: Do I need to oil or polish my furniture?

A: No. Excess oil and some polishes ie (pledge) contain silicone that isn't great for lacquered surfaces as they can impregnate the surface and cause a chemical reaction if the surface ever requires re-polishing. Simply wipe over with a warm soapy cloth. Oiled furniture attracts unwanted dust, wax feels sticky, while our high quality lacquer finish is durable, long lasting, enhances the grains in the timbers and adds a good degree of protection against water and heat.


Q: If I have a certain size space, are you able to alter the size of your furniture to suit?

A: Yes, absolutely! All we need you to do is to accurately measure the space, and re-measure to double check that you've got it right, and then email us your special requirements and we will submit you a price for the alterations. Although going away from standard can attract additional costs, we can go wider, higher, deeper, add or delete doors, drawers, shelves and change glass doors to wooden panel doors and vice versa. Every piece is unique in the sense that it is handmade to order and carries the hallmark of high quality New Zealand workmanship – a life time guarantee”


Q: Can additional furniture be ordered later and will they match my set?

A: Woodwrights reserves the right to change styles and designs at any time; however we can match to a previous Woodwrights design. Finish may very over time, and to match to existing furniture, we would request a drawer to colour match to.


Q: I want something of my own design, can Woodwrights help me?

A: If you have your own unique or specific design in mind, Woodwrights may be able to help, no promises but we will certainly try. Simply email or phone us and we would be happy to discuss your options. A longer lead time will apply to custom orders.


Q: Can I customize furniture to my liking?

A: We strongly believe in listening to our customers in the development of your new furniture. If you would like to add a drawer, reduce or increase the overall size or colour match to your existing furniture, this is all possible with Woodwrights. We can also manufacture your own custom design, so long as it is within the scope of one of our regular styles. Any customization may incur a surcharge, which you will advised of upon application.


Q: I have my own timber, can Woodwrights manufacture furniture for me?

A: No, we only use our own timber supply, due to the technical process the timber undergoes before manufacturing. This ensures our furniture is up to the standard of our Lifetime Guarantee.


Q: What are the benefits of having 'easy open' metal drawer runners?

A: Easy open metal runners allow for quiet and smooth opening of drawers, no matter how full the drawer is. We use a full extension runner which means the drawer comes right out to the front of the unit, which makes access to the drawer interior easy. They can be easily replaced if necessary. The drawer can still be removed from the unit if required and they are rated to 45kg per drawer.


Q: What are the benefits of going to a Flexi slat Bed?

A: Slat suspensions provide independent support with no 'roll together'. The suspension system can be tuned to match each individual’s body contour and ease pressure points. With its adjustable support, a slat suspension provides optimum contour according to your comfort preference. The slat settings can be modified to accommodate changing body needs or comfort preferences over time. Each side may be adjusted separately, with the use of a tension kit, allowing for individual adjustment for couples. The Flexi Slat system was invented in Switzerland over 50 years ago and accounts for about 70% of the bed slats in Europe.


Q: What sort of mattress do I need for a flexi slat base?

A: The Flexi slat system uses laminated curved wooden slats to support the mattress. They usually have a low profile mattress on these beds so that the effect of the flexible slats can be felt. These slats adjust to the weight and curvature of your body in a similar way to a standard innerspring or pocket sprung mattress. They do suit an increasing number of people, however, even with tension kits they are not so suitable for the very heavy. The slats can break or turn inside out. Also the centre of the bed will have a different feel because of the centre rail that runs down the centre. Latex and foam mattresses however are better suited for a flexible slat base because the mattress can form to the slats, providing more give and support with this kind of base.


Q: What sort of base do I need to order to go with my existing mattress?

A: If your mattress is pocket sprung or inner sprung and is at least 200 - 250mm high, we would recommend going to a solid slat slat base, as the mattress is what will do the work. If your mattress is thinner than 200mm and is pocket sprung we would strongly recommend a flexible slat base as the better option. Please refer above to the benefits of a flexible system. If your mattress is thinner then 200mm and is inner sprung this will probably feel the same on either a flexible slat base or a solid slat base.


Q: Can I leave hot mugs on the top of the furniture without it leaving marks or a white ring?

A: We use a pre-catalyzed lacquer finish on all units and each piece undergoes a 6 stage polishing process. While this finish is care free and extremely beautiful, it is not totally resilient to scratching, heat or moisture and we recommend that you use a coaster or similar to protect the surface of your investment to ensure years of enjoyment.


Q: How can i be assured that i am purchasing a quality product when I havent touched and felt it before i purchase?

A: Read our testiomionals from our experienced customers ....."Hi I am delighted with the furniture as I was unsure about the quality having not seen it but it is fantastic!!!.  The delivery guys were great too. I have had fantastic service from your company right from the first contact, I will be passing the word on just as a friend did to me"

Q: Is there any Veneer used on your Furniture?

A: We only use Natural Timber veneer in the sides/ends of all units to ensure stability for our precision soft close drawer runners. The veneer is superior to solid timber in the sense that it is more sustainable and does not distort, cup or split. Essentially it is denser than most of the solid timbers we use which is another benefit. There is nothing inferior about this product as it is used in the construction of Grand Pianos all around the world. The other reason we use it in our construction is that it allows us to offer our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.

We also use it on the top of our Vogue and Pace cabinets as they are joined using a mitre joint therefore requiring a 110% stable carcase that does not shrink in anyway. If we were to use solid timber for these units and it decided to shrink being in a warm home for example the mitre joints would open up and look terrible.

All in all, our products are manufactured to a very high standard, and you would not know they had veneer sides when looking at the finished units.

Q: Can I place my furniture in direct sunlight?

A: We recommend protecting units from direct sunlight, for instance UV Treatment of windows or move further away from windows where possible. However, our furniture is very colourfast and our stains have excellent colour holding properties providing good colour retention in sunny conditions.

It is important that you follow our furniture care instructions after the purchase of your new furniture to ensure longevity of your investment.

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