Made to order

We are very aware that as soon as you've ordered your Woodwrights furniture you'd like to have it in your home!

Every piece is unique and made to order which means there is typically a turn-around time of four to five weeks (Including delivery) of receiving your confirmed order.

Laminated solid timber panels Sustainably managed timbers

At the time that you confirm your order we will be sure to advise you of the expected delivery date, and we will keep you updated as your order progresses.

While we are very anxious to meet our client's expectations in every way, we will not deliver furniture of inferior quality.

Our master craftsmen are highly trained in the manufacture of furniture and pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure you receive the highest possible quality furniture for your home.

Tuffwrapped tops for full protection whilst in transit Traditional Dovetail Joint 6 Stage polishing Process ensures durable finishing


Customise to suit your décor…

Custom made Stirling Ash Wardrobe black ash finish

With custom-made furniture, you can create the exact look you desire - including solutions that fit perfectly into your space.

Furthermore you know that the result is unique - no one else will have a piece that is quite like yours.

This is important when you are considering quality pieces that will last a lifetime.

We can go wider, higher, deeper, add or delete doors, drawers, shelves and change glass doors to wooden panel doors and vice versa.

Every piece is unique in the sense that it is handmade to order and carries the hallmark of high quality New Zealand workmanship - and a “life time guarantee”

We also offer a colour matching service, so if you are looking to match to existing furniture, give us a call.

All we ask is that you kindly send us a sample (e.g. a drawer) of the furniture you wish to match to, and we will endeavour to match your new furniture as closely as possible to your existing furniture and décor.

Going away from standard designs/models will attract additional costs.

Our Timbers

At Woodwrights, every single piece we have on our website can be made in any of our three timbers- American Ash, NZ Beech and NZ Rimu. All our furniture can be finished in any one of our finish options shown on this website, offering 14 options (finish/timber) for every piece or range!


Rimu Timber

New Zealand Rimu is a highly sought after decorative timber featuring a rich colour and attractive grain.

Felling of Rimu logs

This beautifully figured rich grained species is only available in New Zealand and is sourced from environmentally friendly, sustainably managed forests in both North and South Islands.

All Rimu is Heli lifted to maintain the beauty of our forrests

All available supplies of rimu in New Zealand are required to be managed to exacting standards under detailed long term Sustainable Management Plans and permits that are registered against the land.

Rimu logs being removed from forrest


Rimu is harvested under such sustainable forest management plans and permits approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This guarantees availability of a sustainable supply for future generations.

It is carefully air-dried before being kiln-dried in a low temperature kiln.This provides a stable quality product suitable for our high quality bedroom furniture.



Ash Timber

This lovely, figurative, American Hardwood is grown in the Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast of the United States.

Through careful forest management, the United States is growing more hardwood each year than it harvests, assuring reliable, long term supplies of the finest hardwoods in the world.

American Ash timber being graded American Ash logs American Lumber Company

We have personally visited sawmills on the East Coast of the United States to carefully select our timber supply. At this time we also gathered valuable knowledge and expertise to successfully manufacture our outstanding hardwood furniture.


Beech Timber

Southland Maple Beech forrest

Woodwrights is committed to minimalising the environmental footprint, and therefore only use timber harvested from sustainably managed forests.The remote Southern forests of New Zealand, rich in colour and a diverse and abundant habitat, provide us with an environmentally sustainable supply of Maple Beech.

Traditionally this species has been referred to as Silver Beech in New Zealand. As Lindsay and Dixon’s supply is from second crop rotation forest with an average age of 75-80 years, the wood has a very consistent lighter colour, similar in appearance to American Maple.

Beech logs being harvested

To reflect these characteristics and customer preference, Lindsay and Dixon market this species as Southland Maple Beech

The Beech species are anatomically similar to Maple, Birch and European Beech.

The timber has the desirable properties of fine even texture and characteristics of even wearing, good machining, turning and finishing qualities.

Beech timber ready for despatch from the mill

Maple Beech falls under the general classification of a medium density hardwood.

Uniformity of density within and between logs is an outstanding feature of our resource.

Southland Maple Beech has an attractive appearance and hard-wearing characteristics, making it an excellent choice for our quality furniture.



"Enjoy your investment in quality furniture"

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