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The Highbrook Collection

The Highbrook Outdoor furniture Collection is the fulfilment of our desire to provide a high quality, New Zealand made outdoor furniture, that is not only unique but will offer years of relaxation and enjoyment.

This high quality outdoor furniture incorporates a unique blend of Rosewood timber, hand selected Motueka River stone and 100% Acrylic fabric.

Turn your outdoor living space into a dining room with a grand view by adding an outdoor dining table and surrounding it with comfortable seating. If you’re searching for the perfect addition to your garden or outdoor entertainment area, Woodwrights quality outdoor furniture is an affordable and beautiful option.


The Timber

The Highbrook outdoor furniture range is made from sustainably managed Rosewood Timber which is sourced from the Solomon Islands. 

This beautiful Rosewood timber is VLO Certified (Verified Legal Origin) and is harvested manually by native villagers. This process is overseen by environmental experts and is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Rosewood is a timber with remarkable physical beauty, an amazing range of uses and durability matched only by timbers which are either more expensive or which do not possess the same physical attraction or working qualities.

  • Described as having a variable grain pattern, although one of the finest furniture and cabinet woods. Leading furniture makers actively seek out the timber because of its strength and the relative ease of its working qualities and finishing properties as well as its low shrinkage and stability in-service.
  • The timber varies in colour from yellowish-brown to golden-brown through to red-brown or sometimes a blood red colour. The darker coloured (reddish) woods are much denser and stronger than the paler coloured yellowish-brown woods.
  • Produces a beautifully figured wood enhanced by the presence of 'ripple-marks' and its ring-porous wood structure. A ribbon or banded figure is apparent on quarter-sawn faces and a cathedral- like figure on back-sawn faces. The grain is usually interlocked but not severely so; sometimes wavy. It has a pleasant, persistent, fragrant odour.
  • It is a remarkably stable timber with very low shrinkage and very little movement when in-service. Properly seasoned timber is dimensionally stable, and retains its shape well after manufacture.
  • Suitable for high quality outdoor furniture and cabinet work, flooring, finely turned articles, boat building, rifle butts and decorative sliced veneer.

The Fabric

Fabric Quality- There are numerous qualities available, but Woodwrights only use 100% Acrylic, Sunbrella© fabrics for the Highbrook Outdoor furniture collection. Sunbrella© outdoor furniture fabrics are UV resistant and easy to maintain.

Fabric Warranty- Sunbrella© fabrics are covered by a 5 Year Limited Warranty which protects against the fabric becoming unserviceable due to colour or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals.

The Finish

Finishing touchesThe Highbrook Outdoor furniture collection delivers a lovely, warm patina, which is achieved from our unrivalled 4 stage hand finish

Woodwrights only believe in using the best possible quality products available, and for the Highbrook outdoor furniture collection, have chosen to use the Cabot’s© brand for our finish.

Figurative grain patterns of the Rosewood timber combined with our lovely enhanced oil finish combine together to produce and irresistibly classy outdoor furniture collection of the highest possible quality. This finish is designed to withstand the elements and to help the timber maintain its natural beauty and colour over time.

The outdoor furniture must be re-oiled at least twice per year, depending on exposure to the elements. We recommend that the furniture be treated pre winter and again prior to summer. If no further coats are applied, eventually the timber will turn a silver/grey colour.

You can expect some minor surface cracking over time which is common with solid timber outdoor furniture. This will not affect the strength of the furniture in any way.

The Construction Features and Benefits

  • New Zealand made outdoor furniture of the highest possible quality
  • Woodwrights only use a high quality marine grade adhesive for all glued joints, providing unsurpassed strength
  • Mortise and tennoned  joints are used on the Highbrook outdoor furniture Collection, providing durability and strength
  • Soft rounded corners eliminate the risk of accidents, and offer an attractive finish
  • High quality Zinc Chromate fittings and hardware are used on the Highbrook outdoor furniture, ensuring durability and years of relaxation
  • The ‘3 piece’ corners on the Highbrook outdoor tables eliminate end grain exposure which may be subject to cracking in direct sunlight
  • Toughened, 6mm safety glass is used on table tops, allowing for hot plates to be applied directly (when glass is at a temperature of 15® or greater).
  • The Highbrook outdoor furniture has a high quality metal umbrella clamp fitted to the underneath side of the outdoor tables. This clamp is powder coated and has a locking screw for umbrellas, providing peace of mind in windy conditions.
  • Woodwrights outdoor tables accommodate umbrellas with stem sizes up to 48mm.
  • All stitching on the Highbrook Outdoor furniture is 100% Polyester, providing premium strength and longevity.


Woodwrights high quality outdoor chairs are manufactured to the highest possible standard, incorporating mortise and tenon joints, marine grade adhesives, Sunbrella© 100% Polyester fabric and stiching and hardware that will sustain the elements.

The main element that determines a comfortable chair is the provision of good back support. The longer we sit in a chair the more evident the comfort or discomfort becomes. For us to appreciate what was required to achieve noticeable comfort, we spent many hours studying the relationship that occurs between the furniture and our human behaviour needs. This process gave us the opportunity to identify a number of essential requirements.

While outdoor furniture may look similar in appearance, subtle differences in height, angle and contour can make all the difference in defining the comfort that the furniture will provide. After careful consideration, the results, we feel speak for themselves……unrivalled comfort!


Woodwrights high quality outdoor tables are manufactured to the highest possible standard, incorporating mortise and tenon joints, marine grade adhesives, and hardware that will sustain the elements.

Woodwrights outdoor tables are a popular choice for the family for outdoor living. Relax in the comfort of a Woodwrights outdoor sling chair and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.

Our tables come in a range of sizes, from small squares for that apartment balcony to a large eight seater square or rectangular setting for entertaining your guests in style!

The unique glass insert with riverstone underneath, is a beautiful touch of class and sets the

Highbrook outdoor tables apart from anything else available.

Add personality to the outdoor lifestyle.


SunbrellaWe have chosen to use Quality Peros© umbrellas to compliment our high quality outdoor furniture ranges. PEROS is the leading brand for umbrellas in New Zealand and has rapidly gained recognition in Australia.

The design and choice of materials used in outdoor umbrella construction are critical in its ability to function in a dependable manner. This range of Peros outdoor umbrellas are designed for the tougher settings.

Combining the upmarket stainless look with the robustness and durability promised these outdoor umbrellas are the complete solution for exposed areas.

Incorporating Indonesian A-Grade hardwood frame, single one or two section pole, leather rib protectors, double pulley system for effortless opening, stainless steel rib connectors and rivets, leather rope holder.

Outdoor Furniture Care Kit

The Highbrook Outdoor furniture collection comes with its own care kit top ensure your investment is maintained in all its natural elegance for years to come.

This care kit contains a bottle of Maxwax© for that added extra lustre, a small tin of Cabot’s© oil, steel wool, and a soft cloth for application. Recoating instructions are included.

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