We ship furniture nationwide within New Zealand. We have our own delivery service (trucks and drivers) and we service as much of New Zealand as we can. For some more remote locations we will partner with a specialist furniture carrier to do the final stage of delivery. Pricing dependent on the location and size of the item/s. The total freight will be calculated at checkout for your order. We reserve the right to apply additional charges for rural or difficult access.

Service Options

You have the choice of two delivery options:
- Option 1- Furniture is delivered into place and packaging removed if suitable to do so. This excludes any assembly required and we require you to assist with anything that needs a two person lift.
- Option 2 - Furniture is delivered into place and we will take care of any pieces that require a two-man lift. We will also remove packaging and assemble any necessary items (e.g. Beds, Tables). This is all considering the space is in a suitable condition (delivery representative's discretion).

Delivery Times

Delivery times fluctuate but are typically between 1-2 weeks following dispatch, depending on your location.
Our customer service team will keep you updated with estimated dispatch timings and liaise with you with more of the specifics around the delivery closer to the time.

The specific day of delivery will have to work in with our freighting schedule. We will be as flexible and accommodating as we can be, but we cannot promise to deliver on any day that you specifically request.

Transport Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance policy covers all furniture in transport or complete and awaiting delivery. This gives you the peace of mind that we will take full responsibility for it until you have officially received the goods.