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Winter 22

Timeless by nature, our latest additions are an ode to simple, enduring forms. A collection of contemporary basics, featuring an innate tactility and a range of materials. The overall tone is one of balance, a blending of functionality and lightness.

About Us

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Inspired, designed and crafted in New Zealand.

Woodwrights is a family of makers. Founded in 1997, each piece is meticulously crafted in New Zealand, inspired by our unique lifestyle and extraordinary environment. Just like the unique grain of each piece of wood, every piece of furniture is designed with a story, hand crafted today to endure generations to come.

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Designed for

you, by you.

We embrace individuality through style and product diversity, because every home and person is unique. By offering personalisation and customisation within our range, and finding ways to collaborate together on unique items, we provide for a range of personalities and styles, and aim to deliver a lasting personal expression.